It's one thing to toot your own horn it's even more powerful when others do it for you!

  1. Denise is a woman of strong character and vision. She is uncompromising in her efforts at personal excellence, and cuts a clear swath for the people that follow her. Denise can be counted on to achieve what she sets her sights on and is perpetually looking for how she can assist others in succeeding.
    Rhonda Anderson, CEO Founder Proven Sales Performance
  2. Since Denise became CEO of Motivating the Masses which manages Lisa Nichols brand her efforts have helped the company grow 90% in sales and tripled our reach throughout the United States and Internationally. Denise's commitment to serve, support and lead are the only things I can say that extend past her talents and skills. She is a woman of integrity who stands on faith and in her purpose. Her life is a demonstration of her commitment to excellence! I'm forever grateful for what she has done for my company.
    Lisa Nichols, Speaker, Founder
  3. Working with Denise is a pleasure. She is very diplomatic and solution oriented. She brings a positive enthusiasm with her every day. Denise takes a genuine interest in developing her staff's skills and in their personal development and it shows!
    Senior Director, Operations Officer at Sallie Mae
  4. Thank You Mrs. Benz! My personal thanks to you for helping me and my team out. Thank you for your warm hospitality, professionalism and obvious expertise in managing celebrities and those last minute requests that so often pops up. You definitely made it possible for us, so thank you!
    Sherry Herbert | Black Enterprise Magazine